Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May in Review...

There is real power in being thankful and appreciative. When you express appreciation, not only does it empower the people who hear your words, but it also releases joy inside of you. You'll find whatever you will praise, you will raise! Who will you empower & raise today with your words? - Rex Crain

May has come and gone which comes with mixed emotions.  Since January, the focus has always been on the marathon.  Making it there, then finishing.  Now that the calendar has turned to June, there is alot of "what's next" and uncertainty.  Next was supposed to be a Triathlon, but that is on hold.
Since this is my first "Month in Review" that I decided to do this year, I wasn't sure how to go about it.  Didn't want to just copy anyone elses, although I thought about

The first week ended with the Cap City Half Marathon w/Marla, which was the final test.  Pass it and be clear to attempt the marathon.  Fail and well, that thought was being blocked out....but as you can read here, I thankfully passed.

Week Two was what we had been planning for months.  The Cleveland Marathon....You can read about it here (for those that have not, be careful it's long and may put you to  While the day did not go as planned, the most important part was finishing.  I also have to remember that up until May 15th, I had NEVER run more than 13.1 miles at once.  I also had never run more than 25 miles in a week, so being able to "whip through" 26.2 miles in one day was pretty cool and I'm kinda proud of it.  Heck the day was still awesome, the weekend was awesome.  I was able to meet alot of new people, put some faces to some names.  And in the end I was able to help a great friend of mine accomplish what she missed out on last year....The finish line.

Week Three was recovery week.  There were no plans to run and lets be honest, if you had told me at the beginning of the month that I'd be able to WALK this week, I would have been estatic.  Other than soreness, I felt fine and ended the week with an 8 mile run in Antrim Park.  I really wondered if it could be that good.  Well, there was obviously no wood around when I thought that, so I could not knock on any....

Final week was realization week.  I realized that the pain would not go away.  It was supposed to be a bruise.  Granted I have to be honest, I knew I had some minor things (or major but I was not letting it stop me, or tell anyone) during the final weeks.  Later in the week, the leg started to give out every so often, partially because I was favoring that side.  So now I'm trying to figure out how to walk on my hands, since both limbs are not cooperating.  Week 3 I followed the "post race" program and rested.  Week 4 I couldn't just sit around so I got back in the pool.  Got a mile in one day, 2 miles the next time and 3 miles yesterday.  At least I don't feel completely useless.  Although I did have to focus on the turns, since pushing off was not fun...LOL...

But the month is over....Winter and spring have come and gone.....

And for you Cleveland 10 miler girls, don't think I didn't notice that we were not able to run together all month....hmmmm, how am I supposed to enjoy running without your smiling faces, awesome personalities and little hotties to run with...   :-).

For now it's a wait and see approach.  I probably need to suck it up and see a doctor, since it is starting to hurt just to walk.  I spoke with a friend of mine who runs and bikes alot and has had his fair share of injuries.  He gave me advice on his thoughts and his "diagnosis".  He's NOT a doctor, but he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last weekend, so his info is good. (ok, someone I know reading this giggled) 
But I know my stubborn self has to do something about it.  I have ditched my plans to do a triathlon in 2 weeks, but still hoping to do 1 or 2 by the end of the year.  I guess the injury gives me time to focus on myself, becoming a better person.
So for awhile, rather than spending my time on the trails (since the weather FINALLY gets nice out), I'll be in a pool.  Nothing wrong with that though, luckily the pool is my first love.  Heehee

After finishing "The Long Run", I need to start on my next book.  Either a Myles Monroe, Rex Crain, John Mason or Rex Crain book...will have to see.  Anyone have any suggestions on an inspirtational or uplifting or spiritual book??

No matter what happens....I'm learning to be appreciative for the things I have in my life and the people that I get to share it with....It's been a rough past few days but no matter what I'm thankful that I went through it all.  It's not about me, but about those whose life you are able to touch.

Until Next Time.....


  1. GO TO A DOCTOR! You want to run again and feel better right? Then get thee to a doctor good sir. ;)

    We may need a pool race one of these

  2. Okay I couldn't agree with Beth more on the need for you to go to a doctor.

    You guys can keep the pool race between the two of you..... LOL

  3. Thanks Beth and Jodi and I'm working on the doctor thing...

    as far as the pool thing...Beth, sounds good. But since Jodi will be learning how to swim SOON, maybe we will hold off and she will join us...Morgan I'm sure will want in too heehee