Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.......

Just like a play on Broadway needs an audience to stay in business, all negative situations need an audience in order to continue. Never pay attention to things you don't like. Don't worry. Negativity feeds on fear and starves on faith! - Rex Crain

Week 5 of Marathon training was easily the roughest to date, so negativity was not hard to find, just hard to block out.  Between physical injuries and mental blanks I had no idea what which way was up and which way was down.  It almost got to the point where I would say "what's next".  I did however learn something.  I'm not one to complain nor am I one to celebrate, so actually letting people know about my training was (and is) tough to get used to.  There is still a small part of me that just wants to go about things and let everyone know AFTER the fact.  So writing about an injury or a bad run or even about a great run is still something I am adjusting to.
From the beginning, in my mind I have always thought this was going to be no big deal.  Now granted, I realized it would be challenging and not "easy", but I have no doubts about finishing.  For those that know me, I'm a pretty modest guy.  I always brush off peoples amazement or peoples praise, because to me, I don't see the big deal.  It's not like I'm doing something that has never been done before by someone else. 
But after this week I'm truly beginning to accept some things.  One of them is to be proud of what I accomplish.  I am starting to appreciate it more and look forward to the challenges ahead.  Of course it took a bad week to get me to open my eyes/mind.

Monday - Rest Day

Tuesday - 3 Miles (1.25 Miles 11:26)
Easily the worst day of the training process to date.  I previously mentioned how the true success of my 9 mile run the previous Saturday would be determined today....Definately a failure.  Mentally I was not there.  On the treadmill ready to start and something was not right.  Legs felt sore, but being that it was only 3 miles, they would be fine.  I even thought to slow the pace down.  About 1/2 mile into the run I started feeling really uncomfortable, closing in on pain.  At that point it had seemed like I had been running for about 15-20 minutes.  But sadly it was less than 5.  As I approached the first mile, I could feel my mind trying to shut down, which of course did not block out the pain.  I could only last another quarter mile before I had to quit.  Was the worst feeling ever because on top of the excruciating pain in my leg, I gave up, I quit.  I realize in the long run it may be a smart move to listen to my body.  But that doesn't help the present feeling.  The rest of the day felt painful to move and walking up and down steps was not enjoyable either.

Wednesday - 5 Miles  (46:46)
Starting to feel better than yesterday and was anxious for my "semi-long" run.  I tried not to be hesitant, but I was focused and determined to NOT quit this run as I had yesterday, no matter what.  The past is the past and can not change what happened.  I blocked out all of the negative thoughts and the pain....well, at least I tried.  The biggest difference between today and the day before, was that I finished.  It may have been one of the more painful runs, start to finish, and I may have done it slower than I wanted to, but I was content knowing that I completed the training run without stopping.

Thursday - 3 Miles  (26:48)
Woke up late...Well, actually, woke up early and went downstairs to get a drink.  Came back up and obviously turned off music and just crawled back underneath the covers.  So had to wait until after work for my workout.  I just wanted to make it through, just as I did yesterday.  Still felt some soreness and pain, but could deal with it.  My goal for today was to attempt to get back under the 9 minute mile pace.  Mission accomplished.  Again, not a perfect run and obviously could of done better, but baby steps.  Plus I didn't have the desire to want to cut off my legs as much as the last 2 days.  Home to ice my body.

Friday - Rest Day
Friday could not come a minute sooner.  Had a chiropractor appointment first thing in the morning and was hoping that he could help with my pain.  Was informed that I have something called Tarsal Tunnel.  Has to do with the nerves and ligaments around my ankle.  Got some electric stim on my ankles and an adjustment and felt a little better the rest of the day, although a bit sore from him working on certain areas..

Saturday - Cross Train
Today seemed like a rest day.  I was able to get a nice and easy 1/2 hour on the eliptical.  Didn't want to overdue it seeing how I had a 10-Mile run the next day.  Headed to Cleveland to relax and hang out with friends and prepare for my long training run with the girls.  Got a hotel as to not be a bother to anyone.  Wasn't about to spend the night and wake up normal people at the butt crack of dawn on a Sunday despite the 3-4 people to offer that I stay with them.

Sunday - 10 Miles (1:44:12)

Today started earlier than normal.  I've been doing my "long runs" on Saturday, but since I decided to do a training run with Jodi and Jenn for some outdoor running, had to run on Sunday.  Start time was 6:30, as in AM, so I asked for a 5:15 wakeup call from the front desk and I guess I had gotten someone that could not tell time, since the phone rang at 5 (Hey that 15 minutes would have been nice)  But I'm somewhat of a morning person, so got up and was ready to go.  We all met up in Rocky River around 6:15 and I was assured that there would be other crazy people out at that time running the trails.  Well, we didn't see a person running until about an hour later when it was light out.  LOL
The paths were still covered in ice and snow so we hit the road side by side.  Started out nice and slow and actually a bit too nice.  I could tell it was a bit of a slower pace because I was able to hold a conversation without hyperventalating.  Enjoyed the conversation though as this was the first time meeting Jenn, so I needed to introduce her to my sarcasm, since I tend to be sarcastic at times.  :-)  Around what I figured to be the 2-3 mile mark I had to know my pace, just to get an idea.  Jodi was the only one with a garmin, so she had the control.  Being the professional runner that she is (at least thats what I call her) she knows about pacing and is a great runner, so we just followed her lead.  Once we hit 5 miles, we turned around.  It was at that point that the girls paused to a fast walk for some water.  I took it upon myself to take the lead and start running.  To be honest, I also did it to kind of push Jenn a bit.  She is stronger than she thinks, and I wanted to get her to keep realizing it.  I could tell she was focusing and tried to keep her loose and not bringing negative Nancy out.  I fell back to keep her going and whether she knew it or not I was purposely getting her to keep the pace (without telling her to speed up....heehee)  We finished the last 5 miles in about a 10:15 ish pace, which is just around (or a few seconds faster than our planned marathon pace)  Both the girls did great.
We got back to our cars which meant I was done....woohoo  Of course since I am on the bunny hill program, the girls had another 3.1 miles to go.  So I stretched a bit and headed back to the hotel, but not before stopping off for hot chocolate and ice for my post race ice bath.

With the week behind me, my focus is now on the half marathon, which is less than 2 weeks away.  Need to take it one day at a time though and focus on the short term, which is each day.  Only the man upstairs knows what is in store for me this week.  I can only pray that I make it through.  On a positive (I think) side....With all these little "ailments" at least I can't focus on just one thing...LOL  First it was the IT Band, just when that feels good, the knee flares up, then when that feels good, its shin splints....this week it's the ankle.  I thought I was kidding last week when I said one day my nose would be sore after a run....

Until next time...


  1. OMG I was cracking up reading this. I have never been called a professional runner! LOL. You did a great job and it was nice to run with you and Jenn! Thanks for helping me keep Negative Nancy away from Jenn on Sunday!!

  2. I hope Jenn liked your sarcasm and didn't punch you in the nose (hence, your nose injury) but seems she didn't so you must be good. :) And geez, stay with your friends...don't get a room and be lonely.

    "When Moses hands grew tired, they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it. Aaron and Hur held his hands up--one on one side and one on the other--so that his hands remained steady till sunset." --Exodus 17:12

    That's what friends do, they hold each other up.